Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wow! It has been awhile.

July brought Comic-Con International 2008 to San Diego, California. Five glorious days filled with art, film, fans, students, books, contacts, toys, costumes, overbearing advertising campaigns, bad food, enthusiastic art appreciators, hope, excitement and an overall positive energy.

July also introduced a new direction in storytelling for me. First unveiled at the Gallery Nucleus book signing for Counterweight, and later at CCI 2008, "Porthole" embodies ten years of written and painted concepts through film. Produced by Chiodo Bros. Productions. Inc., Porthole, as it stands now, exists as a short film, or more appropriately a teaser for a much broader concept. Plans for the first chapter are currently under way.

Here is a still from the film.

Porthole is copyright The Monument Project 2008